About Our Pricing Options

  • We offer a variety of options that allow you to choose how involved you want to be in the process depending on your skill level and budget.

    We deliver all the lumber and building materials to construct your home right to your required location. You arrange for construction. This is our least expensive option.

    We deliver all the lumber and building materials to construct your home right to your required location. We construct the structure, all interior framing, roof and shingles and install windows and doors. You arrange for electrical, plumbing, drywall installation and final finishing.

    We do it all. You receive a home with everything done. This is the best option for those with minimal time to commit, little experience in construction or those looking for a move-in condition home.

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    We'd be happy to discuss how we can modify one of our packages for your specific needs.

The Planning Process

So you want to build a new home and you're not sure where to start?

All you need is a rough idea of a plan you're interested in. People come to us with plans out of magazines, off the internet and even scratched on looseleaf. With this plan and a "wish list" of changes we have all we need to get started.

Just a caution - you don't need to spend thousands of dollars having custom plans drawn. Ordering plans online is tricky because many plans that aren't drawn in our area don't meet our code.

Next step is to meet and review what you have for a plan and wish list. At this point what we try to do is give you a ballpark price range for your project. We try to do this early in the process to help ensure you don't invest a bunch of time in trying to develop a project that won't meet your budget.

If you feel the budget is in range then next step would be to work towards a firm contract price. In order to do this we recomend developing what we call "preliminary drawings". This process involves sitting with our draftsmen, reviewing your concept and wish list. Our draftsmen then prepares a floor plan for each level and elevations for each of the 4 sides of your home. You would review his initial draft and send back changes. This preliminary drawing process includes the initial consultation and 2 rounds of changes at a cost of $395.00. If additional changes are required then this time is charged at a rate of $45.00 per hour. This cost is payable upon reciept of the plans. If the project goes forward then the cost is included in the project.

With preliminary drawings in hand we're then able to prepare a detailed, accurate contract price for your new home.


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