Standard House Specifications

Permits, Plans, & Fees
Comprehensive Builders Risk Insurance (basic policy cover's up to $500,000.00 of construction value and $2,000,000.00 of liability coverage)
Nova Scotia Power permit and inspection fees (including temporary power install)
Customized computer drawn plans
Municipal building permits
7 Year Atlantic New Home Warranty
Portable Toilet
Tipping fees
Dumpster Rental
Concrete Foundation & Floors
Pre-excavation site visit with the customer to establish proper grade, depth, & drainage
All applicable pumper truck charges
Slab on Grade
6" x 18" poured concrete footings on undisturbed soil
6" poured concrete walls with two runs of 10mm rebar (walls between house and garage have five runs 15mm rebar)
6" deep bearing footings/pads poured under slab as required for interior bearing
Full 8' Foundation
8" x 20" poured concrete footings on undisturbed soil
8" poured concrete walls with two runs of 10mm rebar (walls between house and garage have five runs 15mm rebar)
8" deep bearing footings/pads poured under slab as required for interior bearing
Labor & material to put one (1) coat of foundation coating an all exterior concrete house walls below grade (not applicable in slab on grade foundations)
Concrete Floors
Laying 6 mil poly under house floor prior to pouring (CGSB approved)
Placing and finishing 3 1/2" poured concrete floor for the house
Placing and finishing  4" poured concrete floor for the garage (if applicable)
Leveling and compacting house and garage (if applicable) floor areas prior to pouring
Deck Support
Supply and place 10" sono-tube on pads; 12" deep x 24" square, for all deck supports as required
Cost of temporary power during construction by owner (power will be applied for under owners name, by the owner - (should budget approx. $1,150.00 for temporary power during winter construction/ $500.00 for temporary power during summer construction)
All necessary permits
CSA approved wiring and wiring devices to meet Nova Scotia Power Corporation Code
200 amp service entrance
Hook-ups supplied for range, dishwasher, microwave, dryer, washer, bath fans, range hood, lighting fixtures and dryer vents
exterior GFI receptacles (quantity dependent on the plan)
Basement exterior walls wired to code 
duplex receptacles and keyless lamps for the garage (quantity dependent on the plan)
Pre-wire for air exchange system during rough in
Connect to air exchange system during finish
Co-ordinate with the utility to install telephone jacks (quantity dependent on the plan)
Co-ordinate the utility to install cable outlets (quantity dependent on the plan)
Lighting Fixtures: The allowance for each pre-priced design is based on $1.50 per square foot of finished living area
1.   If lighting fixtures are not on site prior to final electrical inspection then there will be an extra charge for the electrician to install temporary fixtures.
2.   Labor is not included in the allowance for the installation of any interior/exterior pot-lights
3.   To install a ceiling fan will be an extra cost of $50.00 + tax, each
4.   To install a microwave /range hood combination will be an extra cost of $125.00 + tax
5.   To install a generator panel c/w six (6) circuits would cost $800.00 +hstbased on the outside plug being directly outside the panel
6.   Insulated LED potlights can be added at a cost of $75.00 + hst. Non- Insulated LED potlights can be added at a cost of $55.00 + hst. For non LED deduct $10.00 + hst from each price
Supply and install electric baseboard heat c/w dual diaphragm thermostats in bedrooms and bathrooms
Supply and install Mitsubishi MUZ-FH09NAH ductless heat pump (suitable for living areas up to 1000 sqft)
Supply and install Mitsubishi MUZ-FH12NAH ductless heat pump (suitable for living areas up to 1200 sqft)
Supply and install Mitsubishi MUZ-FH15NAH ductless heat pump (suitable for living areas up to 1500 sqft)
Supply and install Mitsubishi MUZ-FH18NAH ductless heat pump (suitable for living areas up to 1500 sqft where stronger air flow is required)
Supply and install Mitsubishi MUZ-GL24NAH ductless heat pump (suitable for up to 1700 sqft - requires open design)
All necessary Worsbro & ABS rough plumbing supplied & installed in accordance with municipal building codes
Rough in for dishwasher hook up
8" non freeze faucets c/w   vaccum breaks - quantity is plan dependant
Hookup for washing machine
Supply and install a 40 gallon electric hot water tank (Hot water tank to have an insulation blanket installed and hot water lines to be wrapped in pipe insulation)
Plumbing Fixtures - Base Options
All white fixtures
One Piece Tub / Shower : Aspen 5' acryic 1 piece tub/shower - Model #3213-711; 3213-720
Tub / Shower Faucet: "Boardwalk" Chrome Single Lever Pressure Balance Tub and Shower Faucet - Model # 3227-160
Toilet: 16" Cadet Pro 4.8L White Right Height Round Bowl Toilet - Model # 3274-816
Drop In Vanity Sink: 20" x 17" x 8" White China Vanity Basin -   Model #3268-100
Pedastal Vanity Sink: 4" Deco White Pedestal Basin - Model # 3268-449
Vanity Faucet: Boardwalk 1+3 Hole 1 Lever Handle Spot Resist Brushed Nickel Lavatory Faucet - Model # 3227-159
5' Whirlpool Tub: Cocoon White 5' Whirlpool Bath Tub MAAX Item #3213-490 Model #102722091001
Whirlpool Apron: 1 - White Acrylic Tub Apron for Cocoon Tub MAAX Item #3213-542 Model #102725000001
6' Whirlpool Tub: Maxx "Casa 7234" Acrylic, 6'   whirlpool, Model #: 101199-001, c/w factory skirt (72" x 34" x 22")
6' Drop In Whirlpool Tub: Maxx "Simplicitie", Model #: 100863-001, Acrylic, 6' whirlpool (Drop in) (71 ½" x 35 ½" x 19 7/8")
Whirlpool Deck Faucet: Moen #9797 whirlpool deck faucet c/w spray and T991 trim
Neo Angle Shower: Maxx "Imperial II " 1 piece Acrylic, neo-angle shower, Model #:105219-000, (38 ½" x 38 ½" x) cw pivot door, raindrop glass, chrome trim Model #137901-970-084
3' Square Shower Cabinet: 36" Left Hand White Acrylic Shower Cabinet MIROLIN Item #3265-257 Model #SH3L WHITE
3' Shower Door: Silver Frameless Shower Door for SH3/33 MIROLIN Item #3265-628 Model #SDM30PS
5' Shower Cabinet: 1 - 60" 1 Piece Left Hand White Acrylic Shower Cabinet with seat - MIROLIN Item #3265-219 Model #SH5LS WHITE
5' Square Shower Cabinet: Clear Shower Door for SH4/43 MIROLIN Item #3265-633 Model #TD41PS
Kitchen Sink: 31" x 20" x 7" Double Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, with Spillway - KINDRED Item #3268-911 Model #QDL2031/7/3
Kitchen Faucet: Neva High Arc Chrome Pullout Deck Faucet - MOEN Item #3229-680 Model #CA87005
Laundry Sink: 22.25" x 11.5" Single Co-Poly Pure Laundry Tub MAAX Item #3268-699 Model #101684000003
Laundry Faucet: Terrace Chrome Pulldown Kitchen Faucet - MOEN Item #3229-158 Model #87055
Supply and install  a high efficiency heat recovery ventilation system to building code specifications
Cabinets & Vanities
Cabinets are frameless
Cabinet boxes are composed of white melamine
Drawer boxes are composed of steel metabox
Stained maple, recessed flat panel doors and one piece drawer for kitchen cabinets and vanities
Post formed plastic laminate counter-top (in stock colors)
$4.00 allowance for cabinet pulls and door knobs
Floor Covering
Tarket Acadia vinyl floor supplied and installed in baths, kitchen and laundry/utility areas
12.3 mm laminate flooring for bedrooms, living areas and hallways
Site Cleanup During Construction
Debris deposited into an on-site dumpster
Clean up conducted so as not to impede work progress
Supply and install seamless white aluminum eavestrough and downspouts
Final Clean Up
Supply all material and labor to clean windows inside and out , vacuum and clean the floors , and clean the bath and kitchen fixtures
Floor System
Posi-Strut engineered floor joist system 
3/4" tongue and groove Edge Gold OSB for floor sheathing
PL 400 floor adhesive and 1 3/4" deck screws for floor sheathing
Exterior Walls (includes pony walls)
2" x 6" Kiln dried plates exterior wall
2" X 6" Kiln dried studding @ 16" O.C exterior wall
2" x 4" Kiln dried plates service wall
2" X 4" Kiln dried studding @ 24" O.C service wall
2" x 10" Lintels (in longer spans, LVL engineered lintels have been included)
1/2" OSB for exterior wall sheathing
Tyvek building paper, including 2" sheathing tape and 3/8" staples
Interior Walls
2" x 4" Kiln dried plates
2" x 4" Kiln dried studding @ 16" oc
All interior carrying walls or any noted on the plans, are to be 2" x 6" KD studding and plates
Inside of the exterior basement walls are to be studded with 2" x 4" @ 24"O.C on a 2" x 6" plate
Exterior Finish
Colored vinyl siding (standard colors) and accessories are included for all pre-priced packages
Perforated white vinyl soffit
White aluminum fascia
Vinyl dryer mount & vinyl mounting plates for exterior lights, plugs, taps, etc.  . . . .
Note:  Exterior masonry features have not been included in any of our pre-priced designs
Roof Systems
Engineered factory assembled, raised heel trusses
1/2" OSB sheathing panels c/w metal H-clips
1" x 4" truss bracing
1" x 4" ceiling strapping
Lifetime "Mystique" architectural roofing shingles
White aluminum eave starter for eaves and gable roof areas
Synthetic roofing underlayment under all shingles
Ice & water shield for eave-starter and valleys
Aluminum flashing for end, gable, hip walls as required
Rolled ridge vent over all roof peaks
Exterior Windows and Doors
Kohler Supreme Series Single-hung or Casement PVC windows (as required to suit plan style)
Kohler 15 year vinyl-clad, insulated door systems
Garage Doors: Wayne Dalton 8300 series R11\ Steelcraft T12 series R11 insulated garage doors (sized to suit plans)
Note: All thermo-pane glass in windows and doors is to include Lo E / Argon 
Rim: R20- 5" spray foam insualtion
Concrete Wall: R10 - 2 ½" Foundation Plus, rigid insulation around the inside perimeter of the concrete slab, 5" down
Floor: R16 - One (1) layer of 1 ½" Foundation Plus, and one (1) layer of 2 ½" Foundation Plus, rigid insulation under the house concrete floor
Floor: R10 - 2 ½" Foundation Plus insulation under garage floor
Below Grade Walls: R24 - 1" Foundation Plus against basement concrete walls covered with R20-23 fibreglass insulation batts in the studded wall
Above Grade Walls: R30 - R24-15 fibreglass batt insulation in the studded wall covered by 1 ½" EPS sheet insulation over the studs
Attic: R50 blown-in insulation, for all ceilings
Floors Over Unheated Spaces: R50 blown-in insulation
Vapour Barrier: 6 mil Ultra Plus poly (CGSB approved) for vapor barrier for ceiling and all exterior walls
Accessories Included: staples, tape, accoustical sealant, weather-shield stops and low expanding foam insulation
½" drywall for all interior walls, exterior walls and ceilings 
½" drywall for exterior walls only, in the basement (if applicable)
1 ¼” drywall screws
Note: Basement walls are not priced to be filled or painted
Crack filling
Drywall Accessories Included: Sheetrock 90, drywall premix, vinyl cornerbeads c/w spray adhesive, fiba tape, paper tape and sand paper
1 coat   Beauti Tone "Latex Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat #1850-624"  for all drywall
2 coats   Beauti Tone "Signature Series Interior Latex Flat #1852-908"  for ceilings
2 coats   Beauti Tone "Designer Series, Acrylic Suede # 1858-617,662,653" for all walls (Maximum of 4 different colors included with this pricing)
Note: Additional colors can be used at cost of $135.00/color
1 coat   Beauti Tone "Latex Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat #1850-704"  for all wood trim
1 coat Beauti Tone "Signature Series, Acrylic Latex Enamel Gloss # 1836-856"  for all trim and doors
Interior Finish (Paint Grade)
Colonist series 800-3 hollow core pre hung interior doors and bi-folds (or equivalent)
2 3/4" (MFPU89002)  MDF colonial casing for doors and windows
4" (MFPU8910)  MDF colonial baseboard
3/4" MDF furring for all exterior windows and doors
1" MDF window sill
Pre-finished white closet shelving with white closet rod
16" white closet shelving, white closet rods, center closet rod support & pine or MDF closet cleats
Pre built attic hatch with rigid insulation, backed door
Finish caulking around bathroom fixtures, cabinets, vanities etc. with paintable caulking.
Note: Closet pricing is based on one 1"x16" shelf and one rod per closet
Door Hardware
Schlage Front Entry Handle Set
Schlage Single Cylinder Deadbolts
Schlage Accent Lever Entrance Door Locks
Schlage Accent Privacy Lever Door Locks
Schlage Accent Passage Lever Door Locks
Schlage Accent Dummy Lever Door Handles
Stair Material
Rough Stair Material (Basement)
2" x 10" stair stringers
10" pine treads, and 8" pine treads
Spruce handrail c/w brackets
Finish Stair Material (Main Stairs)
Oak handrail , newels , & spindles (stained and clear coated)
2" x 10" stair stringers
10" oak treads (stained and clear coated)
8" oak treads (stained and clear coated)
Patio Decks & Verandah's
Bigfoot forms, 10" sonotube, and 6" x 6" pressure-treated supports
3 ply - 2" x 8" pressure-treated laminated beams
Pressure-treated floor joist, sized to code
1 1/4" x 6" pressure-treated decking -Green
Steps/Decks/Verandah rail -  2" x 4" top and bottom rail with 4x4 posts and square spindles
6" pressure treated verandah posts
- Specifications are in accordance with the National Building Code requirements.
- The renderings illustrating our pre-priced designs may show certain exterior finishes, decorative treatments, decks, railings, garages, chimney's, fireplaces, masonry, screen porches and other optional items which may not be included in our pre-priced designs. Contact Allen Home's for details.
- Due to varying site conditions Land, Excavation, Sewer and Water costs have not been included in any of our pre priced designs. With your input we would pleased to visit your lot to help you determine all of your site costs.
- Due to varying costs and requirements from municipality to municipality building permit costs have not been included in these specifications.
- Other than what is required by code, materials or labor to finish the basement area is not included in any of our pre-priced designs.
- Attached garage and house common walls are drywalled only (not painted or crack filled). All exterior garage walls and ceilings are insulated and drywalled but not crackfilled or painted.  
- All exterior garage walls are insulated with R24-15" fiberglass insulation and do not meet the Energuide 85 wall standard of fully heated house living area.
- Split entries are priced to include drywall and insulation for 4' wood wall in basement. No material or labor is provided to crack fill or paint this pony wall.
- Multi Unit dwellings as priced include a staggered stud party wall 
- Costs related to winter construction have not been included in these specifications
- Unless clearly indicated by the plan, each pre-priced design includes:
                      8' x 12' mid level deck c/w 1 set of 42" stairs
                      5' x 3' side step (when required by plan) c/w 1 set of 42" stairs
                      6' x 4' front step c/w 1 set of 42" stairs