John + Denise Ennis

"Hello all, Our house was a quality built home, with a lot of attention to details.  When we made the decision to sell, it was these features and the reputation of…

Candice S.

"Hello, We are thrilled with our decision to build with the Bentley Built Homes team!  This team was able to incorporate all of the efficiency features needed to make our home…

Brian + Glenda Hirtle

"Dear whom it concerns, It's hard to believe that spring is here and we have been in our beautiful new 'Bentley Built Home' for 4 months. We just want to…

David + Paula Womby

"Hello Donnie, I have been meaning to write this for ages.  So my apologies for it being so late. Paula and I have been so pleased that we chose A.W.…

Beth + Donald Langford

"Hello, We are really please with the home that A.W. Allen's built for us last year. You took our dream and made it home. Thank you so much for that,…

Kitchens & Custom Millwork

  • Kitchens & Custom Millwork

    Our highly skilled craftsmen also build Kitchens and create Custom Millwork.

    Here at Allen's we boast extensive experience designing and creating custom kitchens to fit every budget and need. In accordance with our customization goals, we also have the ability to create or match virtually any custom moulding or trim for any room in your home.



  • We’re pleased to offer options that will help align your budget with the energy efficiency level in your new home.

    Features an Energuide rating of 80 or better achieved with an R10 under slab, R24 exterior walls, R50 ceiling and Lo E Argon for doors and windows.

    Features an Energuide rating of 85 to 87 or better achieved with an R16 under slab, R30 exterior walls, R50 ceiling and Energlass for doors and windows.

    Features an Energuide rating of 88 to 91 achieved with an R20 under slab, R50 exterior walls, R80 ceiling, Energlass Plus for doors and windows, Heat Pump Hot Water and Drain Water Heat Recovery are included where possible.

    Double wall option with grid tied (NSP installed net meter) Solar Photovoltaics installed on the roof to align energy production with the anticipated consumption, resulting in an annual Net energy consumption of ZERO!

    GIVE US A CALL: 1 800 565 1325

    We’d be happy to discuss energy efficient building options for your project.

Bill + Leslie Small

Bill + Leslie Small
Bill + Leslie Small
Bill + Leslie Small
Bill + Leslie Small
Bill + Leslie Small
Bill + Leslie Small
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Dear Donnie,

"Twenty-five years ago we purchased a piece of property that we knew we would eventually build our dream retirement home on. We had known that Allen's would be building our house before we even had our first meeting with them. Their reputation for  great quality, energy efficient homes was second to none and in this day and age, energy efficiency was a top priority of ours.
Over the years we discussed many floor plans and rejected them for one reason or another. Then one day when we were on Allen's web page, we saw one that, with a few modifications, would work. So when we moved back to Nova Scotia and had our first meeting with Donnie, we had a good idea of what we wanted. Immediately we knew that we had made the right choice to go with Allen's. Donnie walked us through the modifications we wanted and suggested some we hadn't even considered. He gave us our options on how involved in the building process we wanted to be, hammered out a budget with us and hired contractors to go in and clean the land for us. Donnie was just the first of many incredible people who would help us make our dream home a reality. We also owe thanks to Kevin, who drew up the plans. Barb, who showed unlimited patience with us in designing our kitchen and picking colors for walls and cabinets. Tim, for helping pick flooring that matched everything else (not as easy as it sounds) and Michelle, who every time we showed up at Allen's would track people down for us and take messages to pass on. We owe a special thank you to Jared and John, who actually built the house through the worse winter Nova Scotia has seen in a long time. Their attention to details and Jared's ability to look at our plans and make suggestions to improve them has made this a home to be proud of.
And then there is Phil. There are not enough words to convey our thanks to Phil for all he did for us. All those little pesky problems that you have building a house, Phil dealt with them. All those changes that you make to the house while it is under construction, Phil made them happen. All those text you send when ever something pops in your head, Phil always answered them.

Would we recommend Allen's? That would be a resounding yes."  


Allen Homes
166 Commercial Street
Middleton, NS B0S 1P0
Toll Free: 1-800-565-1325
Telephone: 1 (902) 825-4854
Facsimile: 1 (902) 825-6343

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