• We’re pleased to offer options that will help align your budget with the energy efficiency level in your new home.

    Features an Energuide rating of 80 or better achieved with an R10 under slab, R24 exterior walls, R50 ceiling and Lo E Argon for doors and windows.

    Features an Energuide rating of 85 to 87 or better achieved with an R16 under slab, R30 exterior walls, R50 ceiling and Energlass for doors and windows.

    Features an Energuide rating of 88 to 91 achieved with an R20 under slab, R50 exterior walls, R80 ceiling, Energlass Plus for doors and windows, Heat Pump Hot Water and Drain Water Heat Recovery are included where possible.

    Double wall option with grid tied (NSP installed net meter) Solar Photovoltaics installed on the roof to align energy production with the anticipated consumption, resulting in an annual Net energy consumption of ZERO!

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    We’d be happy to discuss energy efficient building options for your project.

Our Design Build Process

So you want to build a new home and you're not sure where to start?

To get started, we usually have a quick meeting to discuss budget, design and expectations. Once we're all comfortable we're heading in the right direction we can begin the steps of putting the project together.

Typically, step two is to visit the project location and discuss site work related items, the overall concept of the project and the broad scope of work.

At this point we should be able to provide a "high level budget" for your project. If this projected budget meets expectations we can begin work on a "Concept Plan" for review. After a round, or few rounds of changes we should be able to get this plan to the point where we can provide a preliminary estimate for your project.

If the preliminary estimate works, next step is to create a more comprehensive set of specifications and provide a more detailed estimate for the project.

With a more detailed estimate in hand we can review and make modifications to the plan and specifications to align your budget with the finished product. This is the part of the process where we work through the "tug and pull" between design, specifications and budget. This is usually the hardest part of the process, where most of the difficult decisions take place.

While we're juggling budget, plans and specifications we often get some of the red tape out of the way for your project such as:

  • Apply for a Scope with the local electrical utility to properly factor in any costs associated with connecting your home to the power grid.
  • Apply for a driveway permit
  • On rural lots, we need to dig a test pit and apply for the onsite sewer system
  • Once the Sewer and Driveway permits are approved and the plans are far enough along, we can apply for a footing permit.  The fee for this is a calculation based on the size of the project and is specific to the municipality where your project is located. Your permit typically is good for one year to begin construction and doesn't expire once construction has begun.

As soon as the specifications, budget and plans all line up for you, we can add the legal contract to tie them all together. Among other things the contract covers payment structure, financing confirmation, start and finish time and warranty.

All of the costs associated with the work noted above are calculated into the estimates provided throughout the process. We understand that you can't commit to a project without knowing all the details and costs. If at any point prior to signing of the contract, you decide not to move forward, you will only be invoiced for the costs and time to that point and you are under no obligation to build or even finish the process. We will only invoice you for this work if you choose not to proceed or go in another direction.

For most projects these costs will range from $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 and include:

  • Sewer Permit
  • Driveway Permit
  • Permit ready construction drawings
  • Contract and specification ready to sign
  • All necessary building permits

 If at some point in the process, it becomes evident that the costs as presented are not going to cover the expenses being incurred, you will be notified as soon as possible.


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